I provide a wide range of project management, design, marketing, and writing services. With almost a decades worth of experience,  I am confident in my abilities and capabilities of rising to any new opportunities. Let me help your projects come to life!

Project Management


I can wrangle that impossible project, or at the very least give you peace of mind that it’s being taken care of. 

When managing, I make sure to do the following:

1) Deadlines are met.

2) Make sure everyone is at the table. 

3) The process is equitable and efficient.

Marketing and Design

Contact Me for Prices $$

The price here can differ depending on:

1) What assets you already have.

2) The scope of what you are asking for. 

3) How regularly the work is being done. 

4) When you need it by.

Writing and Editing

$40-55 hr/ .026-.040 wd

This service is typically more used by my clients who want some editing or writing done for things like their articles or research. Depending on what kind of editing and/or writing you will want done, that will affect the price range. 

If you are curious about why my prices are what they are, please visit the Editors Freelance Association page on prices.

Other Services

Document Layout/Formatting
Logo Design
Curriculum Development
Remote/Hybrid Worker
Website/App QA, Alpha Tester



I have experience in both making and evaluating.

  • Fine Art installations
  • My own art
  • Book Covers
  • Social Media Imagery and Logos
  • Document Layouts for
    • Proposals, Menus, Magazines, and Teachers Guides
  • Design Briefs 
  • Website or App QA
  • Useability or Ux
  • Information hierarchies


For writing and editing, I have done both academic, everyday, and informal work. All include sensitivity and developmental edits as well.

  • Educational content and my own academic research
    • Art, Art History, History, Social Sciences, Curriculum and Scholarships
  • Contracts
  • Industry and Executive Reports
  • Literary Genres: Comics, Nonfiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Fantasy 


I have experience making: 

  • Social media posts, blogs, and newsletters
  • Marketing Plans and Tipsheets
  • Proposal and Pitch Packages
  • Description and Hooks
  • SEO Lists
  • Contact Sheets and Reviewers
  • Designing and Establishing Primary and Secondary Audiences 
  • Comparative Market Research

Project Management

I have wide and varied experience in this field. At times I have had up to 140+ people look for my direction on a daily basis! I have experience in these types of projects and fields. 

  • Department/Production Line Start Up
  • Event and Training Planning (on a quarterly basis)
  • Across multiple companies and media types.
  • Forming partnerships between community partners and non-profits.
  • Working with sub-contractors.

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